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Feldman wins LEC rookie diver of the week four times in first season

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Caroline Perry

Equinox Writer

Some athletes reach for success, but first-year Brianna Feldman dives for it.

For the fourth time this season, Feldman has been named Little East Conference Rookie Diver of the Year. Feldman’s fourth title came after she placed third in both sets of dives in a tri-meet against Springfield and Wheaton, scoring 172.60 on the 1-meter board and 177.00 on the three meter.

“It feels great being Rookie Diver of the Week for the fourth time. It shows the training that I have done from my coaches has payed off,” Feldman said. The first-year added, “My goal coming into the season was to improve on my skills, while increasing my score to qualify for the LCS meet, which I have gotten. I am a very fearless athlete who is willing to try anything, even if it scares me.” Feldman said that her coaches and teammates help her excel and push herself during each practice and meet. Training on the three meter board has especially pushed her, Feldman said, adding that seeing new obstacles helps her strive to work harder. Feldman added, “I only started [diving] my junior year of high school, and coming in and seeing the divers that my teammates are, pushes me to do better and try new things I would never think I would try.”

There is an art to diving, one that requires the ability to relax. Relaxing is one of Feldman’s key strategies for preparing before a competition. “Before most meets I get super nervous, but I find if I listen to music before I go, while stretching out on the side, it helps me relax a little more.” Feldman added that seeking out advice from her coach before she takes the board is also a good way to calm her nerves.

Junior Emily Peach said that Feldman is a strong competitor and has a powerful will to succeed. On top of that, Peach said that having a first-year step up to the plate and take initiative to improve throughout their first college season is impressive. “Brianna works hard and it shows. She is a supportive teammate and a real threat on the diving board,” Peach said.

Senior Lauren Arsenault did not respond in time.

Despite Feldman’s early success, the diver said that there are some things she needs to work on still. “Some things I have to improve on is cleaning up the skills I already have, while learning new ones. I came in with a background in gymnastics so my body knew what to do. But, transferring it to diving, was a whole new ball game. There is always things I can improve on.”

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