Sebastien Mehegan

Executive Editor

For the third Student Assembly in a row, presentations were made to increase the student fee budget for three different departments.

The Student Assembly was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday Nov. 27.

Director of the Counseling Center and Interim Director of the Center for Health and Wellness Dr. Brian Quigley presented to increase the student fee budget for the Counseling Center and the Center for Health and Wellness by 2.5 percent, due to the increase in students needing mental assistance even though enrollment has been down. The money would continue to provide services as readily as the Counseling Center prefers. The increase was approved unanimously.

Director of Campus Life Jennifer Ferrell presented for the Student Center and the Dining Services Program, asking for a 2.5 percent increase in their student fee budget. Ferrell explained that without the additional revenue a projected decrease in enrollment, building and operation hours would have to be decreased along with less job opportunities for students and even staff cuts. For the Student Center budget, Ferrell said they were looking into revamping some of the outdated technology in the building and perhaps replacing some of the furniture. Ferrell’s request was approved.

At the end of the meeting, Winter Celebration on Wednesday, Dec. 5 was announced. The final Student Assembly is next Tuesday, Dec. 4.

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