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Kanye West so far has had a very big year in 2018.  We weren’t sure if we were going to hear anything musically from West because of his extremely publicized mental breakdowns and panic attacks on stage during his “Life of Pablo Tour” back in late 2016. By mid April, more importantly April 19, he was already starting to ease himself into using Twitter again. Then he told the world about the different albums he was releasing with people and as a solo effort for the next upcoming weeks. All that the public had to do was wait and sit patiently for June 8 to come. At the time, no one knew when West was going to tell us when he was releasing his own solo album “Ye”. After this, there was a series of controversial statements on Twitter, and interviews with TMZ after his statements on slavery. The public patiently waited through all of this for the rest of the month of May and on Friday, June 1, he shut mouths with his impressive seven track album “Ye”.

For the rest of the summer, people loved West and all of the projects he was working on. From producing Pusha T’s “Daytona” to his own joint collaborative project with rapper/singer Kid Cudi called “Kids see ghosts”, all three different projects were received extremely well from online musical news services. Pitch Fork awarded the two rap icons with a 7.6 out of 10. For the rest of the summer, Kanye kept pretty quiet and to himself. Then September 7 rolled around, and the “Runaway” rapper released a series of shirts and hoodies for the Pornhub Awards. All the clothing was accompanied by a brand new song with him and fellow rap peer, Lil Pump. “I love it” (the name of the song that was released) became the number one song in the world by September 22.

Before the song reached this high of #1, West posted on the September 17 — a photo without context. It shows a mini disc, and then underneath is a text bubble that says “YANDHI 9 29 18”. The internet went into a frenzy, hip hop heads all around the world started to hypothesize what this one photo meant, as well as the date. If this wasn’t strange enough, on the same day, the hit show Saturday Night Live also announced on Twitter that Kanye will be on their show, guest hosting with the popular Star Wars actor Adam Diver on September 29.

Theories were being exchanged; Yandhi may be the sequel to “Yeezus”, his 2013 album effort due to their similar album covers. Another thing that ties the two albums together is that they are both plays on words involving Ye, linking Yeezus to Jesus and Yandhi to Gandhi. Both titles compare West to a higher power of some sort. By September 22,  West had posted pictures of signs that all said YANDHI 9 29 18. Then everything halted when West tweeted a quick statement on September 27 which said “We’re releasing Yandhi Saturday night/ We know it will come in number 2 to my brother Lil Wayne and that’s lovely/ The universe needs Ye and Wayne music at the same time”.

So there it is, it has been confirmed by Yeezus Himself: Yandhi is an album that is coming out on Saturday, Sept. 29. However, we have no reports on whether or not the album is a confirmed sequel to Yeezus.

Kanye West and his family hold so much over us because they are all pop culture icons and his music is loved by many. Interviews were conducted with a wide range of people to see whether or not college students will give this up and coming album a chance just from all the hype.

First years at Keene State College Grace Watson and Robert Tarantelli are both students on the opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of hip hop music. When asked whether or not they follow hip hop music, and whether or not they listened to West’s music, Watson answered hesitantly with a “slightly … every so often” while Tarantelli said confidently “Yes. I avidly follow hip hop music. It’s my favorite genre. I like old school music and new school.” He answered the next question by saying “[I listen to Kanye] almost everyday. I think he is one of the greatest minds that music has ever seen. The College Dropout was a revolutionary project and every one of his albums is different and has unique and innovative sounds.” Douglas Pedroza from Pace University mentioned how he has listened to West “A bit. [he] loved [his] Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as a whole, but when he drops a new single [he’ll] always listen to it.”

The trio was asked whether or not they followed any of the antics of the Kardashian/West family, and Tarantelli brought up West’s Twitter comments, adding: “I know people were really upset with Kanye as a Trump supporter and [how] he wore a MAGA, Make America Great Again, hat. I know he was still recovering from a mental breakdown in 2016. Kanye isn’t afraid to say what he’s thinking, and that sometimes leads to controversy for him. I can tell he brainstorms as he’s talking and spits out his fragmented thoughts because its his personality. In the case of the slavery comments, he definitely said the wrong thing, but he didn’t mean for it to sound like that. He was attempting to talk about free will and it just came out wrong.” The end of this point is interesting because it makes people ponder whether or not the world can be too hard on celebrities in the limelight.

In the second half of the interview, the trio was asked what they know about Yandhi. Watson explained how she heard a little bit about it, but she “… assumed that he’s doing another song or album.” Pedroza said a similar answer, cheekily mentioning how “[he does] not currently keep up with the Kardashians.” Tarantelli seems to follow the one theory that this could be a sequel to Yeezus, mentioning: “I made sure to do my research on Yandhi. It’s something that Kanye has had in his head for five years now. Yeezus was initially supposed to be sixteen songs, but he cut it down to ten to make it flow nicer. He’s had the idea for a sequel to it since the drop of Yeezus, so in a way, the album has been in the works for five years.”

The last question was answered very quickly by all of them. Standing back and analyzing all of the data, there’s one last thing that everyone is wondering,… are you going to give the album a shot after being informed about West? Tarantelli paused, and then said “Bruh. Of course.” Pedroza said “I mean, I’ll try anything once, I’m not opposed to listening to it in the slightest.” Something interesting and unexpected was when Watson was asked this, she said, “Yeah, I might actually listen to it now… I’m open to new things.”

When Saturday night came around people were eagerly waiting for the new music to come but his SNL performance came and went without any sign of music. The only thing the “Jesus walks” rapper announced was that Saturday morning he tweeted that he was changing his stage name to “Ye”, Which is most likely linked to his latest solo studio album. No further reports have been announced on when the album is coming out.

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