KSC celebrates scholarships

Scholarship donors and recipients gathered in the Mabel Brown Room to dine and mingle

Gwen Phillips / Equinox Staff

Alex Harvey

Equinox Staff

An annual event, “Celebrate Momentum”, was held in the Mabel Brown Room on Friday October 5, from 4 p.m.to 6 p.m. The event was sponsored by the Keene Endowment Association, which is a group that works with alumni to fund hundreds of scholarships for Keene State College students. Students who received various scholarships from the Keene Endowment Association, both for specific majors and general academics, had the opportunity to meet, mingle with and personally thank those who donated to and sponsored their scholarships.

Donor and wife of a member of the Keene Endowment Association Chris Hrynowski said, “It’s always great. They showcase some of the student talent that got the scholarships this year, so the people who donate their money can actually see the students perform, or whatever it is that their skill is, it’s pretty neat … it’s a nice event, I like it every year.” KSC junior and fine arts major Heather Chrimes said, “I got the Travelli scholarship, it’s been recurring every year since my freshman year, it’s an active citizenship award … I found out about it when I came here for orientation overnight, I got a call from Ann-Marie Mallon and she asked if she could talk with me about getting a scholarship and it was a very exciting surprise … It’s nice to be able to meet the donors, to match a face with the scholarship. It’s really nice to be able to do things outside of academics and not just have to worry about working.”

The event was catered by the Keene State College dining services, who provided an array of finger foods such as mini-steak sandwiches, cheese and crackers, kebabs and potato skins.  They also served desserts including mini-tarts and pumpkin blondie bars. Beverages included wine, water and fruit juices.

KSC senior, double-majoring in criminal justice and sociology, CJ Miceli said, “I got the Harry C. Tebbett’s Scholarship, I think it’s a general academic one.  This is my first year getting it … I didn’t [have to apply], I got an email over the summer saying I had been awarded a scholarship for academic excellence … I’m really grateful for the scholarship, it’s really helping me out a lot.

I think [this event] is awesome, I really like the live music, it definitely boosts it up a couple of levels, and it’s nice to be able to say thank you in person.”

The first hour of the event featured a piano performance by a student from the music department.

During the second hour of the event, students from the school’s theater department performed an excerpt from a play called “The Butterfly’s Evil Spell” that they will be performing from October 9 to 13 in the Wright Theatre.

The play is by Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca, and tells the tale of a beetle’s search for love.

KSC junior, majoring in secondary education and U.S. history, Lindsey LeBlanc won the William and Barbara Brackett Scholarship and said,

“Barbara Brackett will be attending the event today, it’s for educational excellence and financial need. It’s just one of the endowed scholarships that we apply for. I’m not sure how I got, you know, to be a recipient, they just pick out education majors in financial need who are excelling in the program, I’m not sure how many recipients of this exact scholarship they give out.  It definitely helps me out financially, I pay off campus rent through my financial aid here at Keene, so having to take out the less loans the better. I receive out-of-state tuition, so it’s a little bit more expensive, so all of the help that I can get is really great.  Donors like this are really much appreciated.  This is a great program, it’s good to put a face with the name of the people who are contributing to your education, I think that’s pretty cool.”

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