Angelique Inchierca / Equinox Staff

Angelique Inchierca
Senior Staff

Filled with free food, music and Halloween decorations, Saturday night’s Monster Mash dance party was figuratively dead.
In an attempt to show the students of Keene State College a fun and safe way to party on Halloweekend, the student involvement office held a monster themed dance party called Monster Mash.
KSC Coordinator of student activities and organization Britany Gallagher said she was excited for the event earlier in the week. “It’s a new thing for this year,” she said, “With Halloween weekend we were asked to put on some additional events … hopefully we see a good bit of students turn out for it.”
On the night of the event, less than two dozen students, most being first-years, had participated over an hour into the event.
KSC first-year elementary education major Elizabeth DeLong said, “I was really looking forward to it because I thought more people would come, but I understand it’s Halloweekend. People are not on campus.”
Many students shared the same view as DeLong in wishing there was more participation. KSC elementary education and sociology dual major Jamie Showalter said, “It’s very exciting [here]. They decorated it very well, but I wish there were more people here to participate in it.” She acknowledged the work put into making the event, commenting positively on the decorations, music, and overall idea.
KSC senior and event DJ Deven Tracy also said the workers did well with creating the event but said he believes it was not marketed well enough. He said he didn’t know about the event until last-minute when he was asked to DJ and when he asked his friends, they had no knowledge of the event. He also said he believes the timing may also have something to do with the lack of students.
Gallagher said, “We didn’t really know what to expect, but this is good information to be able to [talk about] when planning for next year.” She said the Student Involvement office did a lot more advertising for the events occuring this Halloweekend than past events held by the college.
Despite the low attendance, Tracy said the event was still fun for him. “It’s a little challenging doing music with a limited group of people but it’s still enjoyable,” he said.
Students were still able to dance, eat and play games during their time there.
One game consisted of bouncing balloons around the room, not allowing them to touch the ground. Soon after it began, almost every student was playing. KSC first-year elementary education major Caroline Fuller started the game and said, “I thought it would it be fun [to start throwing balloons around] and we could all do it together … it was [fun].”
Overall, some attendees thought this event was a good alternative to stereotypical college parties. DeLong said,“If people don’t want to go out and party, just come anyway. Obviously there is no alcohol here, if you’re not into that. Dress up in costume and just come here.”
Gallagher said, “If students aren’t coming to these events … then it brings up the question on what are they doing.” She added that she hopes students are just being safe with their choices: “At the end of the day, whatever the students are doing, I hope they are being safe and they’re making smart [and healthy] decisions.”

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