Deciding KSC’S Future

Board of Trustees to decide on new KSC president next week

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Rachel Vitello

Equinox Staff

Keene State College is still in need of a new President. Who is ready to take on the position? A Hiring Committee was created by The University System of New Hampshire to make recommendations that will go to the Board of Trustees to make the decision.

There were a few different steps to help the Hiring Committee make an informed recommendation. According to an email from Chancellor Todd J. Leach, the process will include multiple candidate presentations and Q&A sessions with the Hiring Committee, direct feedback mechanisms for individual input to the Hiring Committee and a follow-up listening session with constituency leadership.

The process also included multiple listening sessions for the community of KSC to hear from current Interim President and candidate for presidency Melinda Treadwell. Director of Strategic Communications and Community Relations Kelly Ricaurte is a staff member who was present at one of the listening sessions.

“It was informative as an employee,” Ricaurte said.

Melinda Treadwell was appointed as Interim President of KSC in July 2017. According to the email from Leach, the interim arrangement was for a two year contract. It was supposed to serve for the Board of Trustees to have more time to organize the needs of KSC before searching for a new President. Due to feedback from representatives and other constituencies, the Board made the decision  to begin the process of deciding whether or not to make Treadwell President, rather than beginning with a national search. If for whatever reason Treadwell is not chosen as the President, then the Board would move to a broader search.

Treadwell said that it has been strange doing the work of the President of the College, while simultaneously applying for that exact job.

“It’s been difficult because I’m doing the job and then trying to also successfully apply for the position. It felt a little bit tense at times for me personally, but at the end incredibly clarifying. For me to be asked, to answer those questions, that clarified for me that I want to do this sort of job,” Treadwell said.

As for what the decision ends up being, Ricaurte said she hopes it is what’s best for the school, “I just hope the college will be positioned for the best success going forward and for supporting our students.”

The process of how this decision is finally made is a closed process. The vote will be by executive committee on Friday October 26 at KSC.

According to an email sent out by the President’s office and signed by Leach on Monday October 22 to all faculty, staff and students, a Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Monday October 29 “in order to ensure the shortest gap possible between the Board discussion and sharing the outcome,” the email said.

If Treadwell is appointed as President, she will also be required to be present with the Board when the announcement is made.

Treadwell said, “I’m hopeful, I gave it my best. It reaffirmed for me that I’m ready for this work. I hope to continue to be here, working with all of you.”

Commissioner Frank Edelblut did not respond for comment.

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