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Julia Guidi

Equinox Staff

Here at Keene State College, individual expression is extremely important to many students. A particular way that people express themselves is through makeup.

Makeup is an essential part of the lives of many. It’s a part of the normal routine — you wake up, brush your teeth, do your hair and put on your makeup. Although makeup has become very normalized in our society, it has evolved throughout history.

Primarily, makeup has always been worn by women. Throughout time, women have worn makeup to feel more beautiful and to live up to societal expectations. Presently, makeup has taken a turn and expands far beyond women.

In 2018, makeup knows no gender. All gender identities alike are using makeup. Whether it be for everyday or for a certain purpose, makeup use is becoming more prominent with all kinds of people. In a way, people are looking at makeup as an art medium. They use their faces and bodies as a canvas.

Similarly to painting, the colors and styles are a choice. When making these decisions, each choice conveys a message. Like a painting, a makeup look can portray a theme or a thought. Makeup can be used to express a certain emotion, a certain event or virtually anything an artist wants to represent.

Makeup has the stereotype that women are the only ones who can use it.  In society, many people believe that it is wrong for a male — or anyone else on the gender spectrum — to be wearing makeup. They consider makeup to be synonymous with femininity. In reality, this is not true at all.

Ironically, for some, makeup is more than skin deep. For many, it can be invigorating to use. It helps them to express who they really are, regardless of gender. Each color and stroke can have a personal meaning to someone. It can help to provide self exploration and a window into who they really are as a person.

However, makeup doesn’t always have to have a reason to be worn by people. Anyone who wants to wear makeup can wear it, it’s that simple. Although makeup can be cathartic for some people, it doesn’t always have to be that way. A male, a non-binary person, or any person for that matter, can wake up and decide that they want to wear makeup that day. Women do that all the time. There shouldn’t be any difference between the two.

This is something that we can trace right back to campus. All gender identities across campus are using makeup, and it should be celebrated by all. It should not cause a rift between people, and it shouldn’t call for a debate of any kind. Diversity is celebrated here at KSC and it should be celebrated everywhere else as well.

Whether it be makeup, fashion or anything in between, individuals have the right to express themselves regardless of how they identify. The evolution of makeup has a sparked a beautiful change in society. Personally, I could not be more proud of this change and the way it displays itself across KSC.

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