Haleigh Patch

Equinox Staff

Summer has officially come to an end as we enter the beautiful season of fall. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and the preparation of some favorite holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving are beginning. Not only is it the most colorful season, there are many fall traditions that everyone enjoys participating in.

Many friends and families head to their favorite apple orchards to go apple and pumpkin picking or to enjoy some homemade apple cider donuts. It gives them a chance to spend quality time outdoors, to enjoy the cool weather and to gather fresh ingredients to make delicious desserts.

It also gives people more of an apple variety rather than just going to the grocery store, for an affordable price.

There are so many traditional fall food favorites that leave your home smelling amazing in a comforting way. Some fall treats include: apple pie, homemade breads, apple crisp, candy apples, pumpkin seeds, soups and casseroles. They are all easy to make and taste delicious.

Another perk about the season is being able to wear comfy sweaters and sweatshirts all the time without needing a heavy jacket. After a scorching summer, the weather is the perfect temperature without being too hot or too cold, but a happy medium.

Fall weather allows the perfect temperature for hiking and to see vibrant foliage. Bonfires are another popular activity along with camping or fall festivals. Fall festivals are a fun way to get together with friends and to enjoy plenty of food and games such as bobbing for apples or a pumpkin carving contest.

Hosting or attending football parties is another popular tradition as we kick off the start of football season. Depending on where you live, going to your local high school or college football games is also a popular activity to bring people together in the community.

Halloween is almost here, which means it is time to grab a group of friends and enjoy a haunted house, hayride or corn maze.

There are various haunted houses in New Hampshire such as Spooky World Presents Nightmare New England, Fright Kingdom, Haunted Overload and Haunted Acres, just to name a few. Halloween is also when people spend time decorating their homes, carving pumpkins, binge watching scary movies, trick-or-treating, dressing up and attending Halloween parties.

After Halloween, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This delicious holiday allows families to come together and express what they are thankful for. Traditional foods are served and televisions are playing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or football.Volunteer work or donations are given to soup kitchens, homeless shelters or food pantries during this time as well to help people in need.

Fall traditions are a great way to enjoy where you live with people you care about.

However, traditions are not always the same in every household nor do people always celebrate the same holidays.

Traditions are activities, customs or beliefs that are passed down by generation and should definitely be celebrated.

Fall always seems to be the shortest season before we head into a cold and snowy winter, that is why we should take the time to enjoy all the activities and traditions it has to offer.

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