Adrianna Sanches/ Social Media Director

Adriana Sanchez

Social Media Director

It’s rush week. That means as you walk down Appian Way you’ll be seeing rush boards promoting on campus Greek Life organizations. I say on campus organizations because of the fact that off campus groups are not allowed to promote themselves on campus. Some people might think it’s hard to recruit girls, however there’s an organization that has been thriving for 20 plus years; Sigma Rho Upsilon.

I joined my first semester my first year at KSC and as cliché as this sounds, it’s been one of my best decisions since coming to Keene State College. A lot of people know us as the people that just party, but we do more than that.

Just like on campus organizations, we fundraise, have sisterhood events, do volunteer work and more. One of our alums organizes dances with people with disabilities at the Monadnock Community Center in Keene. Every year you’ll find us there helping out, dancing with them, setting up and cleaning up.

Just like on campus Greek Life, off campus organizations have philanthropies as well. Our philanthropy is the Monadnock Child Advocacy Center. The other off campus sorority is Tau Phi Xi, and their philanthropy is the Monadnock Humane Society. Basically, what that means is raising money for our philanthropies every semester and donating whenever we can.

But it’s not all fun and games. Being off campus means you can’t be in pictures with your letters, that you worked hard to earn, with on campus organizations.

My sorority can’t have socials with other sororities or fraternities or they’ll get in trouble. But in trouble for what? All simply because we’re off campus? During Greek week it’s the worst; we’re discriminated against. We can’t attend any events that are being held on campus or attend any off campus events.

Despite having people say we’re still Greek life to them, it’s an uncomfortable feeling when you come around and you have eyes staring at you and students whispering, “why are they here?” Let’s not forget all the rumors that are spread about off campus sororities. Let me remind you, they’re not true at all.

Our dues are a major difference. On campus organizations have a ridiculously high amount they have to pay. It doesn’t even come close to our semi annual costs. The most I have ever paid was $120 a semester.

I know of some other on campus organizations that pay twice as much. I’m sure many people can say being in an organization has helped them grow up. I’ve learned how to have patience with people, because let’s be real being with girls 24/7 can sometimes get under your skin.

You learn how to adapt to many different personalities, which isn’t always easy. I’ve been Vice President of my sorority for two semesters. I am putting all of my sisters in committees and making sure they’re completing their duties, which is a lot of responsibility on top of being a student.

My sisters have put in just as much time and dedication as other students in on campus organizations. So, this stigma that being off campus is “less than” being on campus is ignorant.

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