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Emma Mehegan

Equinox Staff

Jailbait, a currently two-woman band including KSC sophomore, Alyssa Taylor, has released a single on several music platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube. “It’s called Sixteen Ain’t So Sweet and then I released that August 14th” Taylor said.

Taylor began her college career as a music major. In her second semester she changed to a dual elementary education and psychology major, but has continued to work with her music, she said. “It was kind of a step I’d wanted to take for a long time, like to release my original stuff because for the past few years I’ve been releasing covers on YouTube ever since I was eleven,” Taylor said. Since she began collaborating with Lilly Okker, who is currently a junior in high school, Taylor has become more comfortable with the idea of producing original songs, culminating in the recent song release. Okker is now Taylor’s bandmate and bassist/co-vocalist, Taylor said.

Okker said, “We had been friends for a while, and we were just like, ‘we should totally make a band’. So, I think like a year ago, she came over and we made an EP—we wrote two songs and we covered a stupid song from Spongebob and it just got more real from there I guess.” “It’s so much work recording songs, like it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard, but it takes so long and it’s so frustrating. But then when it’s done and you hear it and it sounds really good it’s just this huge feeling of relief,” added Okker.

Both Okker and Taylor are enthusiastic about their work together. “Alyssa is great, she is super on top of [stuff], if she wants to record something she gets it done then and there,” Okker said.

Taylor spent her first semester working closely with a music professor at Keene State, Dr. Matthew Leese. Taylor said, “I actually found him more inspiring than my actual vocal teacher, so I mean I learned a lot of warm ups from him that I still use today.”

Dr. Leese said, “She immediately stood out as a talented and disciplined personality…it doesn’t surprise me at all that Alyssa’s successfully launched her band on all of the popular platforms. I think she is a very smart entrepreneur.”

All this hard work has culminated in relative success. In the two weeks since Jailbait’s song release, Sixteen Ain’t So Sweet has been purchased or listened to over 100 times on Spotify, and the music video has received around 300 views on YouTube, Taylor said.

Okker said, “It’s wild, I never thought anything I’d make or help make would get that far. But like, it’s a really good feeling.”

Currently Okker and Taylor are searching for a drummer. Okker said, “we would be so thankful for a drummer, because we’ve just been using drum sync things on our computer, and it would be so nice to have another person with us.”

They hope to continue to professionalize their production, though now they are content with the quality of what they’ve produced, and are excited to see what the future holds.

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