On Monday, April 23, new Keene State College Student Government officers for the 2018-2019 academic year were elected.

The officers included current Vice President Sarah Dugas, who will be the new Student Body President, as well as Sydney Olson, who will be the Student Body Vice President, beginning in the fall. Several other in-house positions were filled as well. 

Dugas said her main duty as the Student Body President will be to facilitate Student Government as a whole and give verbal reports to their secretary. Dugas said she looks forward to spending the summer learning what previous Student Body Presidents have done in the past. 

Dugas said she has a goal in mind in terms of what she wants as Student Body President. “I want transparency between what faculty and staff are doing and what is being reported back to us,” Dugas said. 

Dugas said her main personal goal in the position will be to make sure students are as happy with what is happening on campus as she is. “KSC has been a place where I fit in and it has become a home to me,” Dugas said. She added that she is looking forward to seeing what the future of KSC has, and what she does in her new position.  

Dugas said this will be her fourth year in Student Government. “I joined Student Government my first year of college, and it brought me out of my shell. I wanted this position because I want to be a leader, and I love and care about this school,” Dugas said. 

Colby Dudal can be contacted at cdudal@kscequinox.com

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