On April 3 at 6:30 p.m. Keene State College’s Student Assembly was called to order.

The club Campus Ecology, which is co-organizing Solar Fest 2018, requested a transfer of funds amounting to $2500 from their Travel account to their Supplies account to prepare for the solar fest. The request was made by the club’s president and the treasurer of the organization. The club now has $820, which is not enough. The organization’s request was approved unanimously.

The Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Club requested for additional funds to fully recover the expenses of bringing Dr. Annamaria Orla-Bukowska to Keene State College. The club is currently about $230 under budget of total expenses. The club is paying Dr. Orla-Bukowska $1000 for speaking, around $215 for her housing in a hotel, and $232 for reimbursing her travel fees. The club is now requesting extra $170 to put on a pre-finals pizza study session. The club requested for a total of $400 which was approved unanimously.

The student assembly requested for transferring funds of total $11,420 from the Potential Funding account; an account whose purpose is to hold money for potential budget changes to be requested by KSC organizations. These funds were requested to be placed in the organization’s contingency account, which an emergency account set aside for one-time funding requests.

The student government requested $11,420 from the contingency account for the upcoming Carnival event, which was approved unanimously. On being asked if the total amount will be used for the event, Co-chair of the Events Commitee Kennedy Cadieux confirmed that all the money will be used for Carnival, an event which will take place on April 26.

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