Well, I’d like to say that New England springs are one of a kind, and I guess I can since it just barely snowed AGAIN last Monday, April 16. So let’s just break out the skis again shall we? OR NOT! Truthfully, I’m more than ready for sunny and 80 degree weather. I’m also ready to shed those winter layers and not be pegged in the face with snow, rain and hail bits. I’m sure you’re all with me on that. So let’s talk about some fun activities you can do, which include gardening, dog walking and biking. 

Laura Romaniello / Art Director

Laura Romaniello / Art Director

Gardening is an inherited passion of mine because my great grandmother and mother are all completely obsessed with it. So naturally, I picked up the desire. When New Hampshire weather officially starts acting like spring, the ground will defrost completely and the grass will begin to grow back, giving way to some excellent soil. For all of you thinking that gardening is easy, it’s not. I’ve had to pull weeds, plant trees and flowers and water over six acres of vegetables and fruits. It’s a work out! You do a lot of walking, digging and lifting that translates to a lot of calories being burned. With gardening comes mowing the lawn as well, which requires a lot of pushing and upper body strength for the older, bigger mowers (unless you’re fancy and have a ride mower, in that case, lucky you). But all in all, yard work is a lot of work and exercise. Once it’s warm, you get hot; once you start getting active, you start burning some major calories. Plus you get a tan! Who doesn’t want a tan? 

Picking up a hobby like gardening can be extremely fulfilling, too. Growing and nurturing your own food and putting in the work to make a garden thrive is something that makes me feel extremely successful. It’s also an excuse to be outside and get some exercise. Try it out!

Dog walking is up next on the agenda. Honestly, who doesn’t like walking or being around dogs? I am, personally, completely obsessed with dogs. Anyone who knows me knows all about my dog, Echo, and has seen multiple, and I mean MULTIPLE, photos of him. But dogs are great because they are so active. They love to walk, run, swim and just go on adventures. My dog helps me out on days where I don’t have motivation to exercise. Being around dogs is so relaxing, too, to a point where you don’t even look at it as exercise, you just look at it as spending time with the greatest creatures on Earth (full disclaimer: I love dogs). But really, if you have a dog, take them for walks and runs. If you do not, find some friends that do. Companions make being active so much easier. 

Finally, biking. I will admit, I was totally terrified of bikes or riding bikes for about 12 years of my life — and I’m only 18. However, once I got over that really insignificant trauma, I found that I really enjoyed biking. Casual biking on cool afternoons or smooth rides on bike paths really increase your leg and muscle strength — and it’s relaxing. If you’re more of the hardcore biker type, then do that instead. No matter what you do, you’ll always get some exercise in while riding a bike. 

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