KSC has been facing numerous snow storms, causing delays in practices, games and scheduling.

Illustration by Priya Chhetri

Illustration by Priya Chhetri

Although not every KSC athletic team has been hugely affected, the snow has caused teams to work around the dynamics of their pre-season.

Junior and midfielder for women’s lacrosse team Emily Parker said that the snow didn’t exactly affect the lacrosse team’s preseason as much, but still created some frustrating issues.

“The only time it was really frustrating was when the turf would be covered in ice and it was hard to sprint or cut without falling,” Parker said.

She added this was especially frustrating because the team wasn’t able to practice and get full drills and running drills done.

The ice and snow on the turf also posed as a threat for potential injuries, which made the pre-season process that much more difficult when the team tried to transition outside.

Considering the fluctuating weather patterns in the north, Parker said it is a lot harder to practice for spring sports.

“We like to joke that lacrosse is a winter sport rather than a spring sport because we start so early in the year and the winter weather continues through the spring months.”

Transitioning outside has been challenging, with the teams practices often being scheduled from 6-8 p.m., meaning they have to endure the cold temperatures,  Parker said.

The cold has already caused some issues within the team as well with a lot of the lacrosse team facing injuries Parker said.

“We already have a pretty small team and when someone gets hurt, they make sure to go to the trainers to get it fixed immediately,” Parker added.

Apart from the disrupted practice schedules, some of the women’s lacrosse teams’ games had to be changed recently because of the snow and unpredictable winter weather, Parker said.

“Even if it might not snow and the news says it could, we would change the game,” Parker added.

However, the women’s lacrosse team are taking the early challenges head on and striving to work hard before their regular season begins.

“We have been able to get what we need to get done. The snow has not had that much of an affect on our team in terms of fixing what we need to fix or getting things done that need to be done,” Parker said.

Women’s track and field runner and KSC first-year Naomi Murzin said that the snow has created some scheduling issues that create major impacts on individual qualifications.

The weather has created a lot of cancellations in scheduling, meaning meets have been canceled due to bad roads and untravelable conditions.

Murzin said that when track meets are cancelled it gives the team and individual members less time to qualify for the NCAAs.

This can especially be imparing for seniors who are looking to finish their last year strong.

Murzin said, “It’s difficult to have to work around weather issues and at times frustrating to have to put off events that you’ve put so much time into preparing for.”

However, Murzin said the team has continued to work and overcome the significant adversities, looking to finish the season strong with the time they have left.

No other KSC athletes responded.

Now with the snow finally melting and the warm air gradually making its way back to the North, KSC athletes hope to continue their seasons with an further delays.

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