As the snow begins to melt and spring begins to edge closer and closer, frisbees can be seen flying around campus. These students aren’t your average frisbee enthusiasts; they are the Keene State Ultimate Disc team and the team takes throwing a plastic disc to a whole new level.

Photo contributed by Sarah Smith

Photo contributed by Sarah Smith

This team is made up of men and women who share a common love for warm, relaxed days in open fields. We play during the fall and the spring. During the off season, things begin to slow down, but that doesn’t mean it stops.

In fact, you can go into the gym on campus almost any given day and find a group of us working out, going for runs, and working on our throws. We even make our way out to Franklin Pierce University to scrimmage in their indoor facility about once a week, all in preparation for the spring season, which consists of many important tournaments.

Over spring break, you can find the most dedicated of us driving 16 hours in two fully-loaded vans to Myrtle Beach, SC to play in one of the largest collegiate level Ultimate tournaments, High Tide. There you can find hundreds of teams from all over the United States, from Keene State College to The University of North Carolina. There, we get to meet people and create friendships all through the love of one sport, Ultimate Frisbee. After that, the team will be working our hardest to make sure we’re prepared to play against the top teams in our division at Regionals. Our hope is to do really well at Regionals and maybe even make it to Sectionals, where the competition gets even tighter. Coming to KSC as a first-year, I knew I wanted to play on the Ultimate Frisbee team. I started playing as a freshman in high school where I was captain of the team for four years. From there, I spent almost every day during the summers that followed  playing pickup with people from all over New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Ultimate Frisbee is very special to me and anyone else who plays it for many reasons. I think one of the reasons that it shines so much is that anyone can play it. I’ve played against people who ranged from 8-years-old to their early 60s.

After graduating high school, I played for New Hampshire’s “all star team.” We practiced two times a week and had games once a week. We were selected to travel to Minnisota that summer to play in the largest tournament I’ve had the honor to be apart of. We played teams from N.Y., Wis., Calif. and many more. After that, it was time to move into college. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from playing against only college players. I mean, I’d been playing against all ages for around four years, it couldn’t have been that different I thought. Boy, was I wrong. Every week we had a tournament, sometimes close to us and sometimes hours away. I very quickly realized this was a whole new level of the sport I thought I knew and loved. But we all have stuck together through all the ups and downs and now we’re back for the spring season and ready to roll.

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