Photo contributed by Campus Safety

Campus Safety officers have opened an investigation in response to instances of criminal mischief spanning back through February.

Security footage Campus Safety reviewed from Feb. 17 showed three participants in the act of spray painting, or tagging, graffiti on the bridge that crosses the Ashuelot River and connects the Keene State College campus to the Winchester Street parking lot.

Director of Campus Safety and Compliance Jeff Maher said this is not the only instance where they have found similar evidence of criminal mischief. “What is happening is there is an individual, or individuals, who have tagged a number of locations around campus with graffiti, specifically with the acronym or symbol of ‘SIN,’” Maher said.

In addition to the evidence Campus Safety has compiled, Maher said he is requesting that members of the community speak up about anything they may know in relation to these instances to further help the efforts of the investigation. “To that end,” Maher said, “Campus Safety does receive information from a variety of sources. Certainly, somebody is welcome to call us at 603-358-2228 and provide information. However, they can also do so anonymously through the silent witness form, and basically all you need to do is go to the website, search for silent witness and that’ll bring you straight to the form.”

Maher added the campus’ beauty is a significant attribute for the community and one the KSC Grounds crew works very hard to maintain. “…so it is troubling to see these acts of mischief occurring in our community,” Maher said. “Not only does that detract from our environment here, but it’s also a significant expense to remove that graffiti. It’s a significant expense in time and resources to bring this campus back to the standard that we like to see.”

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