Almost everyone you talk to will say college was the best years of their lives.

Angelique Inchierca / photo editor

Angelique Inchierca / photo editor

I doubt they were talking about studying for their calculus exam.

Partying is fun. Some students go out on the weekends, go to bars, and a some of students do not. I don’t think partying is for everyone, but I’m not saying it is wrong either.

It is definitely part of the college experience whether campus safety and Keene Police Department like it or not.

And in the end, I do think it is a great way to get a break from school, meet new people, and create memories (if you can remember them).

Going out can interfere with academics though.

I know kids who come here for all the wrong reasons and blow their chance at staying at Keene State College. I think it is especially hard for freshmen.

This huge wave of freedom slaps them all in the face right as their parents leave them on drop-off day. We have all been there, the feeling is so new.

No one is watching us, setting a time to be home, telling us where you should be, it’s up to each student individually.

I think that is what makes the transition a little hard is that, they’re are the ones in charges of their lives.

Even if they’re tired because of staying out late, no one is going to tell them to get up for that eight o’clock class or to do their homework.

I do know people that stay out late have fun, have a job, do their homework, and therefore have a 4.0 grade point average.

Each person handles it differently. Although, I really do think a majority of students that party have a harder time keeping up with their academics.

I have seen it first hand, thanking god that my first semester classes weren’t that hard… but as you take more classes and get a little older you really start to understand how college works.

It gets easier to balance, and it becomes less of a priority and more of a reward to go out with your friends on the weekend.

As I talk to upperclassmen, I find that party becomes less of a big deal. I think as you get older you understand that just because it is a Thursday you don’t have to go out.

I feel like the social norms of going out every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday break away a little.

Maybe they get burnt out of the hangovers or they just find better things to do, I’m not completely sure.

But I do know that my idea of partying has definitely changed since last year when I was a freshman.

But you know, college is not for everyone, and sometimes people have to try it out before coming to the realization.

According to Keene State College’s Academic Probation and Suspension policy, “Any matriculated student who has a cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 1.00 and less than 2.00 will be placed on academic probation for the ensuing semester.

A student who fails to improve his or her cumulative GPA to a minimum of 2.00 at the conclusion of the first semester of probation will be continued one additional semester of probation. A student who fails to achieve the required cumulative GPA of 2.00 at the conclusion of the second successive semester on probation will be suspended.”

I have lost friends to academic probation and it is sad because a lot of times, but not all, it was due to them putting partying ahead of their classes and work.

Balance is key. Making sure you have enough time to do the work you need to do so you have a little extra time to have fun on the weekends.

Making time for other activities, such as extracurriculars, is important too.

I think partying can definitely have an effect on students academics depending on their values and time management.

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