It’s February and with Valentine’s Day coming up, Keene State College students agree that love is in the air…or is it contempt? The pressures of this decidedly “Hallmark Holiday” seem to have gotten the best of some, turning the day of love into a day of stress.

KSC sophomore Leigha Hall said she is not a Valentine’s Day enthusiast.

Hall explained, “Valentine’s Day has to be my least favorite holiday. I think it is overrated and I would much rather be spoiled with lovinged gestures everyday instead of once a year.”

Hall, who said she also thinks that Valentine’s Day adds too much unnecessary pressure to a relationship, said that the art of romance can sometimes get lost.

“Men should be romantic to their partners every day – not just once a year. It’s pretty sad how many people don’t celebrate their love for someone every day,” Hall explained.

Photo Illustration by Jake Coughlin / administrative executive Editor

Photo Illustration by Jake Coughlin / administrative executive Editor

As a disclaimer, Hall added, “I am not saying that everyone is like this, just a good majority of people who I know are.”

Hall continued, “It adds too much pressure on relationships because couples may feel like they need to go all out for Valentine’s Day when in reality, sometimes it’s nice to just keep it simple.”

KSC sophomore Savannah Dube said she will be spending this Feb. 14, with her husband. The couple, who have been together for two years, will be making the most of this Valentine’s Day.

Dube said, “There is definitely more pressure this year than last year because last year we spent Valentine’s Day apart.” Dube, whose husband is in the Marine Corp., explained, “I have to get him a good present this year rather than just wait for a phone call. I’m not complaining, but I’m worried I won’t get him the right gift because I’m not the best at picking out presents.”

Though Dube said that Valentine’s Day is “just another Hallmark Holiday,” she said it’s one she looks forward to nonetheless.

“I love candy hearts, so that makes [Valentine’s Day] okay,” Dube said.

Dube also believes that in a relationship, the couple should be appreciating each other every day – not just on holidays.

Dube continued, “I think Valentine’s Day is only appreciated by couples and kids who exchange Valentine’s Day cards. I feel like if you’re single, Valentine’s Day is lonely.”

KSC senior Matthew Piera said that the last time he really celebrated Valentine’s Day was in elementary school.

“I usually spend it just like every other day, although I do make it a point to wear all black,” Piera said, “I also plan on wearing my sweater that says “Love Don’t Pay the Bills,” you know, as a political statement.”

As a communications major, Piera sees the holiday as a ploy to get “consumers to spend money.”

“Most people don’t even know that Valentine’s Day is actually a religious holiday, celebrating Saint Valentine, who was beheaded in Rome for helping Christian couples get married,” Piera explained.

As for next Feb. 14, Piera said he’s going with the flow.

“[Valentine’s Day next year] will just be another ordinary day. I will get up, make my cup of coffee, and live my life as I did the day before,” Piera explained, “If I have a boyfriend? Awesome. If I don’t? That’s cool too. If he gets me something? Awesome. Who doesn’t like free stuff? I just hope he doesn’t think I’m getting him anything.”

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