Dear Fellow Senior Owls,

I understand what it is like to think you are starting your last semester. Due to a miscommunication, I found out halfway through my supposed “last semester” that I had one more to go. (So be sure to consult your advisor and confirm this is indeed the final stretch!) Although I had completed my program, I was a few credits shy of the graduation requirement. To my pleasant surprise, when I returned home for winter break I felt grateful to know I’d be coming back to Keene for one final run. So here is what I learned from last semester to apply to, my actual last semester.

The time is going to fly by far quicker than you  realize. We all seem to end finals week saying “I can’t believe a whole semester has gone by again.”

Yet, it does not always occur to us to take advantage of the brief time we have during the semester.

Now that it is my last, it is crucial I stop pushing the many things I want to do in Keene to the side. Try that restaurant you’ve never gotten around to eating at, see a show at the Colonial and join a new club.

Though it may be your last semester, it is never too late to start a new project or join a new group. Do not hurt yourself by procrastinating. If this is your final semester, it should be your strongest.

You now know what to expect. While I emphasize the importance of getting your work done, there are times when social activity is more important.

If there is a performance at the Redfern you really want to see, or a themed night at your favorite bar, do not sacrifice the chance for some fun if you can spare a few study hours for leisure. It is crucial to finish with good grades but I think the social aspect of college life is almost equally as important.  When you move away with your degree you will be grateful for the memories of nights you spent with friends rather than studying, what’s most important is finding a balance.

Do what you always said you would like to. If you have perpetually blown off joining a club or attending an exercise class at the gym that you are interested in, there is  less than a semester’s worth of weeks left for you to take action.

As seniors it is still important to make friends with underclassmen. We have wisdom and advice to share with students approaching their senior years as well. Reach out and talk to some of the younger students. A conversation with a more seasoned student could make all the difference in a first-year or sophomore’s semester.

Thank your favorite professor, DC worker and sizzler chef while you still have the chance to. As your weeks wane, recognize those people who have made your days on campus go by smoother. Consider what you can do to give back to the school. You could donate old books to the library or volunteer as a tutor for other kids in your major. Seek opportunities to enhance the campus that has benefitted you so much.

With all that being said, do what makes you happy this semester. The thing about time is that you will never get it back, so use it in a way that makes you feel accomplished, satisfied and smiley. Good luck, I look forward to seeing you when we turn our tassels and throw our caps!



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