The 2016 primary has certainly been one for the books. A large and somewhat impressive list of candidates has provided us with plenty to talk about.

As far as the next president goes we believe he or she may be on the Democratic side.

We believe Bernie Sanders may be the answer to America’s problems. As a Democratic Socialist he has demonstrated unique plans for America. Sanders is a maverick and a man who has been on the political scene for decades. Sanders served as the mayor of Vermont and served time in both the House of Representatives and now in the U.S. Senate.

Sanders has growing popularity among college students; his plans for free public education seem to get a good reaction from students struggling with college debt.

Whereas people question Hillary Clinton’s authenticity on the issues, Bernie Sanders has a consistent record that makes him more credible than Clinton.    

In a world where climate change is rapidly increasing Sanders seems to be the only candidate with a plan to make change rather than just talk the talk.

He introduced the gold standard for climate change in legislation to tax carbon and methane emissions, led an opposition to the Keystone pipeline and most recently came out against the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) gas pipeline that would be going through homes in areas including part of Cheshire County.

“I believe the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline that would carry fracked natural gas for 400 miles through seventeen communities is a bad idea, and should be opposed,” Sanders said.  Clinton has not taken a stand on NED. Although Clinton has come out against the Keystone Pipeline, she came to that position only recently.

She also came to other issues late such as gay marriage. Clinton voted for the War in Iraq, which she calls a mistake. Sanders voted against the War in Iraq. There is controversy regarding her work as Secretary of State, which can be used against her in the campaign. Sanders is the model candidate for campaign finance reform. He prides himself on taking exclusively small, grassroots donations.

Without big, corporate donations, Sanders is the image of our loveable, un-corrupted grandfather.

Even at the age of 74, he has the energy and passion to put America on the right path.

We believe Bernie Sanders may be the answer to America’s problems.