A creative way of thinking, imagination and the drive to tell a story through the use of film are only a few of the attributes film majors may possess throughout their career. Sophomore and film major Nick Auger has big dreams in the film industry.

Auger said he decided to become a film major because he has always had a passion for creating and telling stories.

“I’ve always been driven when it comes to the creative process. I found an interest in sixth grade when we would make projects for school. And in high school we were fortunate enough to have a three class program where my teacher was just very nourishing towards the major,” Auger said.

He said that at this point in his major his classes are focused on 16 mm black and white film, which is the generic classes for sophomores. Auger added, “He’s [the professor] having us write short stories so that we can adapt them into our final films, which is pretty exciting to think of and draft. We had a 35 mm photography project so that we could get the composition correct and learn the basics of framing your shot.”

Auger explained that the upper-level classes are focused more on specifics of film such as directing, cinematography and screen writing. His plan is to take classes on directing but also plans to focus on cinematography.

TIm Smith / Photo Editor

TIm Smith / Photo Editor

After completing his degree at Keene State College, Auger said he wants to work in pre-production or cinematography, making advertisements and maybe travel montages.

”It’s kind of vague what I want to do, but I would ultimately like to work as a videographer for National Geographic because they produce very clean, great images and I am kind of admirable toward that aesthetic,” Auger said.

KSC sophomore and film major Kelly Davis met Auger through the film program during her first-year. The two of them did not become close, however, until they were put into the same production class this semester.

“Nick is wicked nice and easy to hang out with,” Davis said. She continued, “He’s really smart and you can tell that he has such talent for film. It’s so obvious in all of his films. He’s quiet in class, but when he does talk he knows what he’s talking about. Outside of the classroom he is a lot more outgoing. He is just so kind and very himself…confident in himself.”

Davis said she decided to become a film major because she has always loved the art. “I have always thought film was the coolest way to make art and it was awesome that you could put experiences into films and do that for the rest of your life,” Davis explained.

Davis added that she believes the film major itself is “super awesome” and that the professors prepare individuals and make them put thought into what they would like to do after KSC.

Davis said, “It is really awesome for kids who can thrive in a creative environment and not dwell too much on themselves.”

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