Around our campus there are many students and staff lending a helping hand for people in need in any way they can. Each day many people are doing things out of the goodness of their hearts and not for money or any sort of recognition.

There are people that go above and beyond and choose to volunteer at various places all around town.

KSC Senior, Alicia Berry, spoke about what she has done in terms of community service. “Growing up I did community service all the time whether it was at a food bank or picking up trash at festivals. When I got to college Alternative Break was a great way to do community service. Last year I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans for disaster relief. It was a really great experience because we learned so much and it was so rewarding,” Berry said.

Berry said that it was one of the most meaningful things she has done in college.

Berry also spoke about the future and what she will do for community service, “I’m doing alternative break again this year and I am leading a trip with Hannah Elliott focusing around the social justice issue of Farmworker’s Rights. I am very glad to have the chance to be a part of such a great trip once again.”

First-year student Jimmy Halkiotis mentioned some of the community service that he has done.

“I was in a rice bagging division and it was actually fun! The entire room listened to music and ran like a well-oiled machine at individual stations. It was [for] a really good cause. The cause was to help with hunger and that is something that is very important in the world. I would definitely do it again because the experience was very rewarding. It was a great way for me to spend a few hours of my day. This is something that I would do again as it could possibly help someone’s life in a major way,” Halkiotis said.

One of the major ways that KSC students help out around the community is by volunteering. The soup kitchen is a common place to volunteer for several students.

Peggy Higgins, Administrative Manager, said “I am grateful for all of the volunteer work KSC does.”

“It is so awesome to us that the students that go to college at Keene come to help us out. They do many different things including preparing and serving meals, setting up tables, making sure everything is where it is supposed to be and much more,” Higgins said.

She continued, “during the first week, two groups of Freshman students came to help set up tables. We here love the fact that we have such a great connection with KSC and we hope that the connection remains as great as it is. We always love to see new people come to volunteer for us. It is incredible to see these college students coming to help out at the soup kitchen.”

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