I have decided to write this opinion piece because I highly disagreed with Brooke Stall’s opinion piece which was posted on September 10th, 2014. I noticed that the author of the article failed to mention anything about men’s dress code, but only seemed to shame the way women dress. They seemed to have failed to mention when guys are walking around campus with basketball shorts with their boxers hanging out. She did however mention men wearing tank tops that are cut open on the sides that have an opening from armpit to waistline, but quickly reverted to the shaming of women. By making a big deal about the dress code, you are not only shaming that person’s body, but you are also saying that if a women shows any part of her body, it’s free game to be sexualized. You make it seem like that if a woman wears a crop top, she will only be a distraction or others cannot possibly get an education if her stomach is showing. The photo that is used in this article is hardly inappropriate. Her stomach is barely showing and she is wearing shorter shorts. Perhaps the reason why she is wearing this type of clothing is because we live in New England where it is hot and humid during the Spring/Summer months. I believe that this article was poorly written and only continues to shame and sexual women for showing more than the “traditional” amount of skin. Articles like this also contribute to rape culture. Kind of along the lines of “Oh, if you dress like that, you are asking to be looked at.” Why should people have to cover up just because others can’t control where their eyes go? I’m tired of women shaming other women and tired of slut shaming in general. Dress codes attempt teach women to change so they accommodate the needs of men. Dress codes may also teach men that it’s okay to objectify women as long as their shorts or skirts are shorter than their fingertips. Dress codes teach men and women are not equal, even though we are told the complete opposite. Dress codes continue to contribute to rape culture.

Steven Urquhart

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